the perfect solution for professional
speech-to-text interpreting

stti4 was specifically developed for the needs and requirements for speech-to-text interpreters (short: STTInterpreters) and their addressees. The graphic user interface and the technical realization were developed in close cooperation with experts to ensure the best possible inclusion with less effort.

The platform stti4all not only allows the optimized cooperation and co-editing of several STTInterpreters from a technical point of view, but also allows the use of assistential tools such as screenreaders, braille displays, shortcut systems or user dependent speech recognition.

The benefits of stti4all at a glance

  • Optimal IT support

    We offer you IT support and find the solution you need

  • Clearly structured scheduling

    Professional planning

  • English, Deutsch, Español

    3 languages to choose from to operate stti4all

  • Flexible number of participants

    Depending on requirements: several interpreters and an almost unlimited number of addressees

  • organize your preparation material

    Simply upload documents, link them to appointments and share them with the co-interpreters.

  • No software

    Speech-to-text interpreting via the browser – No installation of software is necessary. 

  • Screen reader & Braille display

    Accessible for blind or vision-impaired speech-to-text interpreters

  • GDPR-compliant

    according the GDPR

What are you waiting for?

Make use of the optimal solution for STTInterpreters now!

If you are interested in SAVD stti4all, we look forward to hearing from you.

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